FE FORT - Iron supplement

Iron is not only necessary element for nearly 200 biochemical reactions in human body, that involved to many important functions including energy productions, but also an essential element to make Hemoglobin - an important ingredient in red blood cell that plays a role in transporting oxygen from the lungs to organs and transporting carbon dioxide from the lungs to excretion, immune activity and hormone production, neuro transmission and DNA.
Therefore, we need to ensure adequate supply of iron for biochemical processes in the body. In cases of increasing of iron’s demand such as vegetarians, menstrual women or pregnant women, athletes, adolescents, the elderly, people with poor intestinal health and users some drugs (oral contraceptives, aspirin, proton pump inhibitors, steroids, antacids and anticoagulants).

During pregnancy period, the blood capacity of the women normally increased by 50% compared to usual, thus, it is necessary to be supplied additional source of blood-forming materials such as iron. Beside daily diet, pregnant need to been hancement iron for the body by taking iron tablets right from the beginning of pregnancy, during pregnancy and after birth for a month. However, many mothers experience side effects after taking iron, in which constipation is the most common symptom.

NZ FE FORT contains iron bisglycinate Chelate, folic acid, together with Vitamin C help our bodyraise the level of absorption of iron and NZ kelp in order to enhancing DHA and minerals, Chicory inulin improves constipation and supports digestion. Especially for pregnant women.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules (take 1 daily)

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What is the dose?
The usual dose is 1 cap/day or as prescribed by your doctor.
Safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and the elderly people

What do the capsules contain?
Each gelatin capsule contains:

- Iron(as Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate )
- Folic acid
- Vitamin B12 ( as Cyanocobalamin)
- Vitamin C ( as Ascorbic acid)
- New Zealand kelp
- Chicory inulin

Are there side effects?
In general, you will not meet any side effects in cases ofusing as medical direction and not exceeding the maximum recommended dose. However, in rare cases that you might suffering from constipation and nausea. If you experience any side effects of the product, stop using the product immediately. In case of patients with kidney disease, allergic location, consult a doctor before using.

How Long Does Delivery take?
Orders are shipped daily Monday to Friday. If you order before 2pm New Zealand customers will receive it the following business day, while international shipments take 1 - 2 weeks. We will email you a notification and tracking number once your order is dispatched.

Is it Guaranteed?
Yes. We only manufacture and sell the most quality and effective products and offer a 100% Satisfaction, 60 days, money back guarantee. See FAQ page for full details.


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