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The non-dietary amino acid L-Theanine is found almost exclusively in the Camellia sinensis plant (green tea). Due to the molecules small size, scientists found that it crosses into your brain easily, resulting in health benefits.

Its known for its carming effect and promotes relaxation without sedation. Its known to work synergisticly with caffeine to counteract the jitters, and improve mental calculative speed. Its used for relaxation, anxiety, sleep hyperactivity, schizophrenia, restfulness, Attention-deficit disorder (ADD and ADHD), hyperactivity, panic attacks, depression, mood disorder & Stress.

Although its been consumed in green tea for 2,000 years, l-theanine was only identified as a separate constituent in 1949. Back then the only way to get L-theanine was to extract it from Green Tea, so it was a very expensive substance. These days, thanks to modern science the L-Theanine molecule can be synthesised in a lab, making it an affordable constitute in many health supplements.

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Whats the dosage?
The usual dose for adults is 1 capsule, per day or as advised by your health care professional. Each capsule contains 300mg of pure L-theanine. To get this amount naturally would require drinking 30 cups of tea in a row.

How long until I get the benefits?
It takes just a 30 minutes and lasts 12 hrs, L-theanine is rapidly adsorbed into the body, and crosses the blood / brain barrier quickly after consumption.

What are the side effects?
Few adverse reactions have been reported. Adverse reactions recorded in human studies using tea extracts include headache, dizziness, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Is there any cautions?
May interact with Medications for high blood pressure. If you are taking any other drugs check with your doctor first.

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